Seen & Heard: Former Barbarini Co-Owners Announce Their New Space

••• Brogasm! The trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, which filmed around here, is online.

••• Is the closing of the first block of Hudson Street leading to the next block up becoming a bit of an unofficial parking lot, what with all the double parking? (That’s two rows of cars in the photo.) Or has it always been that way?

••• Hudson River Park Trust released the RFP for the Pier 26 restaurant(s). I know who I’d prefer not to run it, but who do we think should? Remember that the HRP folks have said they’d naturally lean toward seafood, and they’re open to splitting the space (total capacity 563) into a fine-dining restaurant and casual/takeout spot.

••• Speaking of seafood…. A reminder that the Red Hook Lobster Truck will be at Duane Park tonight (6-9 p.m.) for the swing dancing party. The lobster rolls may not free, but at least they’re close.

Greenmarket cherries••• The season’s first cherries are at today’s Tribeca Greenmarket.

••• Good news from Claudio and Linda Marini, half of the team that had been behind Barbarini: “We are delighted to share that we have just signed a lease for an amazing space located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan at 21 Ann Street (corner of Theatre Alley). It is located on one of the oldest streets in Manhattan, in the corner commercial space of a newly developed building situated on HIGHER ground and most importantly…. close to all our friends, neighbors and customers we have missed all these months post Sandy! We anticipate an early 2014 opening.” The new resturaant will be called Da Claudio Ristorant e Salumeria, and you can sign up for the restaurant’s mailing list via its website.


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