In the News: Alec Baldwin Is Thinking of Opening a Gallery Here

••• “Alec Baldwin is shopping for a Tribeca art gallery to call his own. […] The actor said he’s been having discussions with a young friend of his who works as an art dealer. […] ‘I’m interested in the photography market right now and we’ve slowly looked [for a gallery space],’ he said.” (The rest of the piece actually makes it sound pretty unlikely.) —Wall Street Journal

••• “The iconic Colgate Clock, on the Jersey City waterfront, has been disassembled and carted away. The clock, the world’s fourth-largest, is ‘undergoing a facelift,’ explains [a] Colgate Palmolive spokesman.” —Broadsheet

bubbys pie 42810 by tribeca citizen••• Ron Silver of Bubby’s shares his thoughts on pie-filling thickeners. I could use a slice of that sour cherry pie right now…. —New York Times

••• “A fire that broke out in the basement of Century 21 Tuesday afternoon prompted a temporary evacuation.” —DNAinfo

••• The Statue of Liberty reopens tomorrow. —New York Times

••• “Ferry service in the Rockaways will stay afloat this summer. City officials announced Tuesday that the popular $2 boat ride will be extended through Labor Day, a two-month extension.” —New York Daily News (via Curbed)

••• “After almost eight months of displacement and pushed back move-in dates, the residents of Historic Front Street were finally allowed back into their apartments on Sunday. They must be pretty happy, right? Well … not so much. ‘On May 31, they told us our place was not accessible until August 1, 2013. The next business day, I get a certified letter saying that on July 1st they are charging me rent and welcome back. I got less than 30 days notice that I was back on the clock after 235 days out.'” —Curbed


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