In the News: The Boat Burglars

boat burglers••• “Police are searching for the men behind […]  the burglaries of four boats docked at marinas in Tribeca and the West Village between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Police say the burglars made off with electronics, bank cards, and photographs.” —WABC

••• Neighbors confront the Hudson River Park Trust and the Heritage of Pride organizers about noise from Pier 26 events. —Tribeca Trib

••• Eater rounds up early impressions of the Butterfly.

••• “Now it appears likely that five more trees [on the Battery Park City Esplanade] will have to come down because their root systems have been compromised and it would be unsafe to leave them standing.” —NYC Reconnects

••• “There are currently about 16 prospective condominium or hotel development sites in the Hudson Square area [….] Some of these are already slated for new projects, while others are up for grabs or their owners are scoping out opportunities.” —The Real Deal

••• “Developers Steven Witkoff, Howard Lorber and Fisher Brothers have closed on one of the most expensive development sites ever purchased in lower Manhattan. The trio acquired the 10-story building at 101 Murray St. for $223 million from St. John’s University. […] Mr. Witkoff, Mr. Lorber and Fisher Brothers plan to tear the building down and erect a residential condominium tower with as many as 370,000 square feet in its place. If the developers end up building that big, it would mean that they paid a little over $600 per buildable square foot for the land alone—one of the highest prices ever paid for dirt downtown.” —Crain’s

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