Seen & Heard: Cobblestoning Staple Street?

Elan Flowers••• Élan Flowers has left its Duane Street location, moving to the old Flora storefront at 85 Franklin. (Anyone know what’s coming to the Duane space?)

••• I hear the grand old Art Moderne building (right) at 415 Broadway (the southwest corner of Broadway and Canal, formerly home to Sbarro and Payless), will be a Duane Reade. There’s more on its history here.

••• I also hear that the developer of 7 Harrison is trying to get neighbors behind a plan to add cobblestones to Staple Street and to restore the streetlamps. (Evidently Staple used to be cobblestoned, before countless repairs paved it all over.) Maybe someone can persuade the DOT that the blocks along Duane Park warrant it, too….

••• Los Americanos now offers delivery.

••• From Community Board 1: “In commemoration of the upcoming 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the 9/11 Memorial welcomes members of the lower Manhattan community on the evening of Sunday, September 8 from 6pm to 8pm.Passes will be available at our CB1 meeting on Tuesday, July 30. They can also be picked up at the Community Board 1 office (49-51 Chambers Street, Suite 715) between 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday. Or you may email by Friday, September 6 to have passes emailed to you directly. Please include your address and the number of passes you would like to receive. Each individual can receive up to four passes. Please note that space is limited and passes will be required for entry to the Memorial on the evening of September 8.”

••• Hionas Gallery has officially left its space at 89 Franklin.

••• Detective Rick Lee emailed eight folks who called 311 about the Pier 26 event noise (someone should explain bcc to him):

I wanted to follow up on your 311 calls regarding Pier 26 on July 22, 2013. I understand your concerns about the noise coming from Pier 26. Last night (July 22) the Department of Environmental Protection had several inspectors taking sound meter measurements at various locations in and around Pier 26. Although I haven’t seen the full report, to my knowledge all of these readings were within the legal limit. Both Hudson River Park Trust and Bowery Presents are aware and are working to limit the noise coming from Pier 26. The sound system has been engineered to be limited to Pier 26, obviously sound does spread out to other areas.

Thus far Pier 26 has been compliant with all sound rules and regulations. Also, there is a reasonable sounds standard when considering what is “too” loud. Pier 26 concerts start at 6 PM and end at 10 PM which is considered a reasonable time. Both HRPT and Bowery Presents have hired an adequate amount of security guards for the pier as well as guards to assist with the pedestrian crossings at several cross walks leading to Pier 26. Over all the concerts are well run with the community in mind.

There are five more shows remaining. Once these shows are finished I think a meeting between Community Board no.1, Hudson River Park Trust, Bowery Presents, D.E.P. and the 1st Pct should take place to work out a solution for any future concerts.

Again, there are a few more concerts booked for the pier. Officers from the 1st Pct and if needed D.E.P. will  monitor these remaining shows and take appropriate action as needed.

One recipient responded thus:

Detective Lee:

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter and for everything you and the officers of the 1st Precinct specifically and the officers of the NYPD generally do for our community. I can not tell you how much more secure I feel every time I see an officer on the sidewalk or a patrol car on the streets of TriBeCa.

I am not surprised to hear that the sound from the concerts does not exceed the legal limit for noise given that the noise code allows up to 85 decibels for music and the exhaust from a motorcycle is an 88.

Where I will, with the greatest respect, disagree with you is as to what constitutes a reasonable amount of noise within a person’s home in a residential neighborhood on a weeknight for a purely discretionary event multiple nights in a short period of time.

To the Other Recipients of This Email:

In the coming days, you may be feeling isolated and that you are being unreasonable. Let me tell you that you are not. There are many other members of your community that feel the same way that you do who are not on this email because they feel calling 311 will not bring about change (I do not share that view).

You have likely moved to TriBeCa and Battery Park City because, at least in part, you are quiet people who treasure the serenity and enjoyment that the Hudson River and the nearby parks bring you and you feel betrayed that the very people who are responsible for managing these resources (Hudson River Park Trust) have now turned it into a source of disruption and anxiety in your families lives.

Please email me for more information on recent community board meetings, newspaper articles and conversations with the primary stakeholders and to reassure you that you’re not alone.


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