The World Trade Center Security Plan

Looking for a depressing beach read? The NYPD has released its 834-page World Trade Center Campus Security Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement.

Do you have any doubts that the NYPD believes that a substantial security presence is required?

Of note:

1. “All vehicles seeking access to the WTC Campus would be subject to screening and vehicle operators would be required to provide credentials prior to being granted access to the interior of the WTC site. Credentialing zones are proposed at the following locations:
• On West Broadway between Barclay Street and Park Place;
• On Barclay Street in the southern-most lane at the westbound approach to West Broadway;
• On Barclay Street in the southern-most lane at the westbound approach to Washington Street;
• On Trinity Place in the western-most lane at the northbound approach to Thames Street and Cedar Street;
• On West Street/Route 9A in the eastern-most lane at the northbound approach to Liberty Street; and,
• On West Street/Route 9A in the two southbound left turn lanes at the southbound approach to Liberty Street.”

2. The choking of Greenwich Street appears to be a done deal. From page 28: “It is anticipated that Greenwich Street from Barclay Street to Vesey Street would be limited for use only by 7 WTC tenants under future conditions (as outlined in a December 5, 2007 reciprocal easement agreement among the City of New York, 7 WTC ownership, PANYNJ and LMDC); therefore, this section of Greenwich Street would be a controlled-access street irrespective of the Proposed Action and would be closed to through traffic. The installation of operable vehicle barriers near the Vesey Street intersection would permit the use of this block for vehicle entry to the WTC campus in emergency situations when other entrances may be unusable. It is possible that operable barriers may also be installed on Greenwich Street near Barclay Street at the northern end of the block. Operable barriers at the north end of the block (default down) and the south end of the block (default up) would allow vehicular access to the adjacent 7 WTC building, but not into the secure zone.”

I couldn’t get farther than page 28—that’s all the bureaucratese I could take—but if anyone makes it deeper and discovers anything, please do share it.


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