In the News: Treasure & Bond Is Closing

••• “Nordstrom-owned Treasure & Bond is closing up shop today.” —Racked

rudzenas400••• The Baptist Standard profiles Michael and Kyndi Rudzena, founders of the Trinity Grace Tribeca church. (Update: The article had to go into the shop for repairs; the link will be restored when it’s back up. Update 8/26: It’s up.)

••• The Gehry building isn’t raising the rent for renewals. —New York Times

••• “TriBeCa Artist Marries 50 Men in 50 States in New Documentary.” (“None were legally binding.”) —DNAinfo

••• A Tribeca man is accused to sexual assault in East Hampton. The New York Times really barely covers the city anymore, but the editors clearly think this particular accusation warrants space in the paper because the man works at Goldman Sachs. (The headline in the print edition specifically mentions the company.)

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