In the News: $300,000 for a Storage Unit

••• “Tribeca’s 56 Leonard just sold a 200-square-foot unit for $300,000. That’s $1,500 a square foot for a metal cage in the basement of the future luxury skyscraper.” —New York Post (front page, no less)

••• From a New York Times article about how the MTA protects its copyrights: “After including a song called ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ on his album of ‘baroque pop tunes about divorce,’ Sam Jacobs from Tribeca, wrote enthusiastically to the authority to say he had been inspired by its counterterrorism posters. But the phrase, conceived shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, is trademarked, the authority told him, and can only be licensed, free of charge, to groups that use it for terrorism-related security campaigns.”

••• “City Councilwoman Margaret Chin and challenger Jenifer Rajkumar faced off in a heated debate Thursday night ahead of the Democratic primary for the District 1 seat.” —DNAinfo

••• Still no guesses on last week’s Where in Tribeca…?

••• Two updates on the news about Ricky’s taking one of the old J&R spaces on Park Row. First, the store will be two of the spaces. Second, I didn’t look closely but I bet it’s a Halloween pop-up costume shop.


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