What’s Cooking at Tribeca’s Kitchen

Remember how this month’s agenda for Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee had a liquor-license application for a restaurant called Tribeca’s Kitchen at 200 Church? I reached out to @TribecasKitchen on Twitter, and look what I found out: The new place will be from the two partners (Andy Koutsoudakis and Peter Panayiotou) at local institution Gee Whiz Diner, along with Andy’s son (Andreas), Peter’s son (Chris), and Gee Whiz cook Francisco Ramos.

“We want to take the great things about the diner, such as the classic fare and the neighborhood feel, and update the dishes for today’s Tribecans,” said Andreas, when I met him and his father for coffee yesterday. He worked at Gee Whiz during his college years and is now an attorney nearby.

“With organic eggs,” added Andy. “No artificial flavor in the bacon. Mixed-grain breads.”

The new space—at the northwest corner of Duane, where Kidville recently was—is around 2,500 square feet, with a mezzanine, and they’re hoping to open in January. Obviously, when that time comes, I’ll drop by for a nice, long look. In the meantime, here’s a remembrance from Andy about the neighborhood when Gee Whiz opened: “You could see the river from here. And the first two or three years, we didn’t have high chairs. Nobody ever asked for one!”

Tribecas Kitchen 9413

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