Seen & Heard: The New York Academy of Sex Education

••• A follow-up photo to yesterday’s assertion that 15 Warren is being washed. It’s being given a coat of primer. Maybe they’ll paint it hot pink….

••• When Aqua offered me a free class—now that men’s classes are being held—I asked D., a fixture at the daily 7 a.m. Tribeca SoulCycle class, whether he’d be interested. (Because I was more interested in whether a SoulCyclist what would think of it than a newbie.) Here’s his report:

I was skeptical how good a workout I could get in the water, but I was pleasantly surprised. There’s no knob to control your tension like on the SoulCycle bikes, but the faster you pedal, the more resistance the water provides.

The instructor, Emma, did a nice job and was very clear. The Aqua workout is less centered on the music than at SoulCycle (plus you can’t see what foot the instructor is pedaling on), which makes it a little more challenging to match her pace.

All SoulCycle riders are familiar with first, second, and third position on the handlebars. Perhaps the most amusing moment of the class was when we moved into fourth position, where you hang off the back of the bike, holding on the bike seat, and keep pedaling! And for the arm series, we got in fourth position and then let go, stroking our arms backwards to avoid falling back, while pedaling the whole time.

The facility was lovely. They currently have only a single locker room, so they’re planning on holding men’s classes just once a month or so, until they finish a second locker room.

For me, the class felt something like SoulBands—a nice change from a regular SoulCycle class, but not necessarily something I would do everyday. But, if you enjoy SoulCycle, FlyWheel, or similar, I highly recommend trying out a class.

••• The New York Academy of Sex Education is leading classes at the Space on White. Coming up: “Imaginative Ways to Keep Sparks Flying in Your Sex Play” with Ducky DooLittle on Sept. 13, and “Writing Erotica for Pleasure and Money” with Rachel Kramer Bussel on Sept. 20.

••• On Sept. 11: “St. Paul’s Chapel again will offer prayers and reflections in honor of the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. At precisely 8:46 AM, when the first plane crashed into 1 WTC (North Tower), the Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee will begin to ring the Bell of Hope in a pattern of ‘four fives,’ (five strikes, repeated four times) in the tradition of the New York City firefighters’ salute to the fallen.”

••• From the LMCCC: “As capital reconstruction continues on Chambers Street, the city Department of Design and Construction will install the final concrete road base on the two blocks between Greenwich and Church Streets this weekend. The operation requires a full road closure from 7 p.m. Friday, September 6th, through 6 a.m. Monday, September 9th. One lane of westbound traffic will be restored in time for Monday rush hour. The roadway will remain one-way westbound until reconstruction of the Chambers and West Broadway intersection is complete this fall. On September 5th and 6th, Chambers Street will be closed from Greenwich to West Broadway to overnight, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Con Edison will complete electric-utility work in the intersection, and requires full access to facilities in the moving-traffic lane. The roadway will be opened during the day.”

••• A celebration of Liz Berger’s life will be held on Sept. 29. The details are below.

Liz Berger Memorial



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