Seen & Heard: Opening Forecast for Lenny’s

courtesy Superstar Gym••• I had never seen this before: Superstar Gym (in Truffles) has a “surf balance board that mimics the surfing board. You will feel the real experience as you would be on water standing on the surfing board.”

••• From Tribeca resident Kelly Geisler, Psy.D, whose BLC Psychology Tribeca is now open at 100 Reade: “We are a team of psychologists who work together to assess students’ needs and to create treatment plans that best meet the students’ goals. Whether the focus of treatment is to improve academic performance, develop executive function skills, or raise self-esteem, we help students feel confident, independent, and successful. Our Neuropsychological and Educational Evaluations give students (and their parents) a road map to how they learn. Through the assessment process we identify students’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses and explain how these underlie academic struggles.”

••• Remember: This month’s New Amsterdam Market is Sunday, Sept. 29, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

••• Those of you wondering when Lenny’s will ever open on Park Place can thank Print Structures for getting this response from the restaurant chain on Twitter: “We are shooting for our Grand Opening around Oct.-Nov.-ish.”

••• From Brookfield Place: “Starting late evening on Friday, Sept. 13, the existing Vesey Street entrance to the Brookfield Place Courtyard (near Rite Aid) will be closed. A temporary, alternative entrance will be accessible directly to the east, between the Courtyard and 200 Vesey St. Also starting late this Friday evening, the up/down escalators from the Courtyard (near PJ Clarke’s and the former location of Starbucks) to the current entrance of 250 Vesey St. will be inaccessible. Therefore, 250 Vesey St. employees and visitors should be advised to enter the complex at 200 Vesey St. or the Winter Garden, access the escalators or stairs to the second level and walk to 250 Vesey St. via the 200 Vesey-250 Vesey connector (near American Express Travel Services). Construction of pedestrian ‘tunnels’ inside the complex is progressing. Once completed, these tunnels will allow access to all tower turnstiles/lobbies, albeit in a narrowed environment.”

••• Bela Brazil salon has moved from 93 Reade to 90 Worth.

••• From Trinity Grace Church Tribeca: “We are hosting a conversation with world renowned economist Tomas Sedlecek in October on the Morality of Economics.” Details here.

••• The Hudson Square Connection has placed big Jenga and Connect Fours at Freeman Plaza West (Hudson and Watts/Broome). Won’t someone invite the businessman to play?


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