In the News: Lower Manhattan Is Only Getting One Elementary School

••• “Earlier this month, the city released its much anticipated capital plan for building and maintaining public schools over the next five years, a report widely understood to include two 456-seat schools in Lower Manhattan. But in a presentation on the plan before School District 2’s Community Education Council, Michael Mirisola, a School Construction Authority official, said that only one would be sited below Canal Street.” The other one will be part of Trinity Real Estate’s Hudson Square development. —Tribeca Trib

••• The New York Times profiles Paul’s Baby Grand, the new bar/club at the Tribeca Grand. “My dream customer is a 75-year-old gay, black European,” proprietor Paul Sevigny said. Something about that quote really bugs me. Anyway, there’s a photo of the interior.

••• “After spending nearly 25 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, a Brooklyn man toasted his new life as a free man [at Mudville 9].” —New York Post

••• The Broadsheet interviews one of the plaintiffs in the suit against the World Trade Center security plan.

••• The New York Post recaps new high-end developments in FiDi.

••• Gothamist looks back on the Clocktower’s run at 346 Broadway. Of note: “Peebles Corporation is donating 15,000 square feet in the renovated 108 Leonard Street [the same building] to a community space. Theoretically, a PR spokesperson for the developers told Gothamist, ‘the Clocktower Gallery could occupy that space,’ though no official offer has been made. When asked if she would stay if given the chance, Heiss’s answer was an emphatic ‘of course,’ but the two parties have yet to come to terms on any such agreement, and the possibility of a revamped Clocktower Gallery in 108 Leonard seems remote. […] The gallery’s eponymous clock is the largest mechanical one in the city. Every week Marvin Schneider, New York City’s official clock master, arrives to wind it by hand, as he has been doing since the late ’70s. Peebles Corporation says this ritual will continue.”


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