In the News: Chase Manhattan Plaza Is Finally Reopened

Chase Manhattan Plaza courtesy Curbed••• “The barricades are down at Chase Manhattan Plaza, which has been closed to the public since last summer. The speculation at the time was that Chase was trying to prevent an Occupy Wall Street-style protest, although the bank claimed they were just doing a pre-planned renovation (although they refused to reveal any further details).” Can someone send over a pic? —Curbed

••• As reported here in September, European Wax Center is indeed opening at 95 Chambers, a.k.a. the south side of 77 Reade. (What I hadn’t realized at the time is that there are 524 European Wax Centers in the U.S.) —The Real Deal

••• Manhattan Loft Guy analyzes a sale at 44 Laight: “It used to be that when I would see a gain of this magnitude over such a short time frame I would assume an intervening upgrade in condition. No longer. (I will pause here as buyers cringe. And re-count their dollars. Or recalibrate their expectations.)”

••• Right on! “A plucky 12-year-old girl jumped into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday to stage a solo protest of a SeaWorld float. Chanting, ‘Boycott SeaWorld,’ and waving a sign that said the same, Tribeca resident Rose McCoy’s one-girl rebellion lasted about 30 seconds before cops brought her back to her mother.” —New York Daily News

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