In the News: Peck Slip Park

••• Peck Slip Park update: “Long-Delayed South Street Seaport Park Slated to Open in 2015 […] The park’s ‘ghost-ship’-inspired design is shaped like a boat, getting slightly wider as you move toward South Street. The greenery-dotted granite plaza with benches will also have a pool of water, surrounded by several curved wooden beams, evoking the skeleton of an old ship.” The rendering leaves a bit to be desired, no…? That’s a space that could handle something a bit less subtle. —DNAinfo

••• The New York Times takes a long look at why 5% of the lights in Hudson River Park are still out as a result of Sandy, necessitating the use of temporary lights.

••• “The Battery Park City Authority is planning to scrap and replace a geothermal power and climate control system in the headquarters of its Parks Conservancy that was originally hailed as cutting-edge technology and an example of the Authority’s commitment to environmentally sustainable design. The Parks Conservancy facility, located at Battery Place and Second Place, is housed within the Visionaire condominium and was constructed in 2010.” This evidently came up at the BPCA’s Nov. 19 board meeting. —Broadsheet

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