Seen & Heard: Josephine’s Inspection Report

Josephine DOH review••• The Department of Health’s reasons for closing Josephine have been posted. See image.

••• Pisillo Italian Panini is indeed open Saturdays. Good news for that part of town (and anyone who likes an Italian sandwich).

••• The next New Amsterdam Market is Dec. 15 (a week from tomorrow).

••• Taste of Tribeca 2014 will be on May 17.

••• A reader pointed out that last week’s Real Estate Sales Report included two purchases (that look like office space) at 105 Hudson by director Steven Soderbergh. By the way, did you ever watch the recent pharma drama of his, Side Effects? It was worthwhile.

••• Manhattan Youth is accepting new, unwrapped donations for a clothing and toy drive at its Downtown Community Center: “To help direct gifts appropriately please try to label them with age, gender and size.” Donations go to the Single Parent Resource Center.


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