Your Neighbor, the Entrepreneur: Offir Gutelzon

The second in a new series of posts about locals starting their own businesses.

Who’s answering these questions?
Offir Gutelzon, CEO and founder of Keepy.

Elevator pitch?
Keepy is an intergenerational platform that redefines the way families share and save memories by allowing them to create a private playlist filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork, and mementos enhanced with audio and video commentary.

OK, I’m intrigued. Tell me more about Keepy.
My two kids, ages seven and three, would pile our dining room table with arts and crafts from school. I had trouble storing them, and other parents said they felt guilty because they threw everything out in the garbage. I asked myself: How do I preserve a memory so kids can see it ten years from now? How can I capture the moment of kids sharing their art with grandparents that would stay long after they passed away?”

When was it founded?
January 2013.

Why “Keepy”?
We looked for a name that will be easy to use by kids and grabs parents, and also something that will talk about the main value proposition.

Who else was involved?
We were a core team of four: Yaniv Solnik who lives in Israel; Yael Sahar, who lives in Brooklyn; and Abby Pecoriello, who lives on the Upper West Side.

How big is Keepy now?
Keepy now has six employees between Israel, New York City, and L.A.

Where is it headquartered?
At 222 Broadway at WeWork‘s Fulton location. [It started out at Silver Suites in 7 World Trade Center, which is where we shot the portrait above. —Ed.]

How and where you do see it growing? How does it make money?
Keepy is a global business, and its business model is freemium-based, with subscriptions for premium services.

Did (or does) your living in the area inspire the company in any way?
It totally did. I moved to Battery Park two years ago at Thanksgiving with my wife and two boys, Amir and Liran. Liran was entering kindergarten at P.S. 89, and we were blessed by an amazing teacher who worked amazingly with kids about art and crafts—and after four months, our apartment started to look like an explosion of art class. On top of that, the ability to share my ideas with the local community and get feedback was amazingly helpful to get to the decision that I want to create Keepy.

Any company hangouts around here?
The most common place for us in the hood would be Kaffe 1668, Sarabeth’s Tribeca, and Nish Nush.

Anything non-Keepy we should know about you?
That I moved from Israel, and I am totally excited to be part of the growing New York City start-up scene—and in particular, the LOMA start-up scene.

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