In the News: Armed Robbery of Jewelry Store

••• “There is chilling surveillance [showing] two men forcing their way into the back of a jewelry store on Nassau Street in Tribeca on Saturday. A worker who tried to stop them was threatened at gunpoint and forced to open the store’s safe room. The suspects tied the workers up before ransacking the place.” —WABC

••• “The court-appointed trustee for an 18,000-square-foot cast-iron building at 56 Walker Street in Tribeca has asked a bankruptcy court to approve the sale of the property for $18 million.” And so, condos. —The Real Deal

••• “Shippers Begin Moving Millions of Gallons of Oil on the Hudson.” —Broadsheet

••• “Emily Thompson Flowers, a high-end floral arrangements designer, has signed a five-year, 850-square-foot retail lease at 211 Front Street, located on the corner of Beekman and Front Street.” —Commercial Observer

••• Here’s what the building at Sixth and Sullivan—where the car wash was—will look like. —The Real Deal (via Curbed)

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