In the News: World Center for the Performing Arts

••• Comparing a map of Lower Manhattan in 1776 to a map from today. —Curbed

••• Tribeca Trib got the update on the World Center for the Performing Arts—as the World Trade Center Performing Arts Center proposes to call itself: “an artistic director has been hired” (but not announced), the plans for the 1,000-seat theater have been abandoned, and there will be a café. Also: “People in the performing arts community were ‘polled’ about what should go in the center” How about asking the most likely target market?

••• “When Tribeca Rocked: Remembering the Wetlands Preserve.” —Commercial Observer

••• 100 Franklin update: “The developer [DDG] who proposed a new luxury building on a parking lot in a landmarked Tribeca district is delaying his purchase of that site, according to the lot’s current owner.” —Downtown Express

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