In the News: Cortlandt Alley Apartments Approved

••• The Broadsheet has a recap of the other night’s town hall about the Howard Hughes Corp.’s proposed Seaport redevelopment.

••• “After years of delays, the National September 11 Memorial Museum is set to open this spring, but officials still don’t know where they will find the money to keep it running.” The museum plans on asking our new mayor, because the last one thought the federal government should pony up. “The foundation’s board is considering a museum admission price of between $20 and $25. Victims’ families would be admitted free of charge, and the museum has said it will offer some free hours to the public.” The projected annual budget for the museum and memorial is $60 million. —Wall Street Journal

••• Max is opening in Williamsburg  next month. —Wall Street Journal

••• The Real Deal says that the condo conversion at 372 Broadway—which will be known as 6 Cortlandt Alley, as the entrance will be alleyside—was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. I can’t tell from the post whether the penthouse was approved, too. (The LPC had issues with it in December.)

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