In the News: Dog Detectives

puppy sign••• You know those heartbreaking “lost puppy” flyers all over? The dog’s owners have hired dog detectives—as in dogs to sniff around—to look for it. The dog was lost on the Lower East Side, but possibly spotted on Park Place.  —DNAinfo

••• “Abraham Merchant and Richard Cohn of Merchants Hospitality and Aristotle Hatzigeorgiou and Bill Zafiros of the Water Taxi Beaches on Governors Island and at the South Street Seaport” applied for a liquor license for 14 Fulton, which was news to the 14 Fulton leaseholder, the Seaport Museum. —Downtown Post NYC

••• Regarding the twisty tower planned for 92 Fulton: The developer “is still looking into adding more parcels to make the tower bigger (initial reports suggested that it could grow as tall at 75 stories), there will be a small amount of retail space, and he hopes to charge $2,000 per square foot when the project is completed in 2016.” —Curbed, summarizing the New York Post

••• A limited-edition chair at David Weeks Studio. —New York Times

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