In the News: Drooling Over the Armoury

••• The New York Times shopping critic (I know, right?) drools all over the Armoury. I tried to take Adam there the other day, but the store is closed on Sundays…?

••• Vague pricing for 99 Church 30 Park Place. —Curbed

••• Gibney Dance is hosting a “Community Welcome Session” in its new space tonight. —Broadsheet

••• A New York Post article about a “Jerseylicious” cast member getting caught in a drug sting includes this: “Epstein landed a windfall against since shuttered Tribeca nightspot Eamonn’s of Brooklyn last March after he claimed the former Murray Street bar improperly served alcohol to a minor who assaulted him as he played peacemaker between a pair of brawling women, court records show. A judge awarded the professional dancer $450,000 for damages stemming from the 2009 fight and $450,000 for future suffering. Epstein claimed that he was stabbed in the leg as well as repeatedly punched and kicked.”

••• “Larry Silverstein, the 82-year-old developer who has played a major role in rebuilding the World Trade Center complex, is trying to wrangle better financing from government agencies to restart work on a $2.3 billion office tower on the New York site.” That’d be 3WTC. —Wall Street Journal


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