Seen & Heard: Sun in Bloom Opens Monday

••• Sun in Bloom revealed itself—looks nice! And a bit NishNushy! The word is now that it’ll open Monday.

Bowne Printers valentine••• Loved this valentine—at least I think it’s a valentine—at Bowne Printers….

••• A dentist named Olga Malkin is setting up shop on Warren (in one of those downstairs storefronts) between Church and Broadway. There’s also an architecture firm, Steven Kratchman, in another of the spaces.

••• Now that the Franklin Place condo is sold out—all but one are taken—I have to wonder what’ll take that great space on Franklin it’s been using for a sales office….

••• Maybe everyone already knows this, but I just shipped a bunch of stuff (by ground) at the FedEx/Kinko’s on Duane, and it was insanely cheaper than my recent visits to either nearby UPS Store. And today I got to wait in line behind what appearwed to be three Buddhist monks. You gotta love New York City!

••• 11 N. Moore is really coming along.

11 NMoore

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