Pop-Up: Shipley & Halmos

shipley and halmos fuckin shirt2After reading about the Shipley & Halmos pop-up at 385 Canal on Racked, I hustled on over. Not just for the brand’s clothing—menswear for spring—but for the highly amusing riff on Canal Street souvenir schlock in the front of the shop. The pix can take it from here; the store is poppin’ till Feb. 23. (Of note: The cologne is by D.S. Durga, which “knocked off” one of its own scents; the Vans aren’t available as slip-ons, alas; I regret not asking if S&H would sell that fantastic ampersand on the back wall.)

Shipley and Halmos facadeShipley and Halmos shirtsShipley and Halmos mugsShipley and Halmos shoesShipley and Halmos Canal St shirtShipley and Halmos cologneShipley and Halmos colognesShipley and Halmos koozieShipley and Halmos scarves and hatsShipley and Halmos shot glassShipley and Halmos keychainShipley and Halmos storeShipley and Halmos henleyShipley and Halmos rackShipley and Halmos windbreakerShipley and Halmos Canal St shirt closeupDo click on the image above to revel in the imagery embedded in “Canal St.”

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