Seen & Heard: Daniel Maître d’ Opening Restaurant Here?

••• Blood Manor, that Halloween haunted house at Varick and Charlton, is open on Valentine’s Day weekend.

••• Anyone thinking of attending the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 12? I can’t make it and we’d all love a download.

••• M.M. De Voe of Pen Parentis tweeted that the Urban Outfitters at 180 Broadway is opening Feb. 13 and the signs say there’ll be books and records. What, no cassingles?

••• Racines NY has a website, complete with menu (the wine list is “coming soon”).

••• David Bressler tweeted that the Tribeca Wichcraft has a new layout. I’ll try to swing by for a peek….

••• This is interesting. Anyone know anything? Maybe this is affiliated with Epicerie Boulud coming somewhere to the area?

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