Seen & Heard: Lunch and Brunch at Telepan Local

71 Reade Reade Chambers 2714••• The sales office for 71 Reade (the Reade Chambers) is across the street at 64 Reade. You can never start selling too soon, right?

••• From Bogardus Plaza: “Subject: Currently implemented with temporary materials, Bogardus Plaza is slated to be redesigned along with Bogardus Garden to create one connected, permanent public space. Please join us and give your input about plaza design opportunities.” The meeting is Thursday, Feb. 27, at Downtown Community Center (120 Warren), 6:30-8:30 p.m. I do still wonder about the traffic light pattern at Hudson and Reade, how it often has a green light for cars to turn right onto Hudson and a red pedestrian light.

••• From Telepan Local: “As of Monday, February 10, we are introducing our lunch and brunch menus, and are taking reservations” for dinner, lunch, and brunch.” The lunch menu is here; the brunch menu is at right.

••• The Canvas home store up on Lafayette closed. :(

••• Is something happening in the storefront at 42 Walker? I saw lights on behind the papered windows. UPDATE from Anonymous: “The reason you see the light on is because the construction company is working out of the first floor. They are doing  a gut renovation of the entire building.”

••• I went to Dover Street Market yesterday—that’s the Comme de Garçons miniature department-store at 30th and Lex. (Still can’t process it being in that neighborhood.) Anyway, it was a kick to visit—like a clubhouse for fashion-forward types, a place where they can feel comfortable in their assymmetrical whatnots. Even if you don’t care about fashion, the layout and decor is worth a look. And don’t miss the outpost of Rose Bakery. Below: Thom Browne’s little cubicle in Dover Street Market.

Thom Browne at Dover Street Market

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