Seen & Heard: West Street Construction Timetable

••• Those of you currently out of town will want to know what they’re missing on the streets of Tribeca today. Thanks to John Willenbecher for the photo.

••• JCP Downtown’s Purim carnival is Sunday, March 2. See the flyer at right for all the details.

••• Reading at the next Pen Parentis salon on March 11: Ann Hood, Rick Moody, and Max Watman.

••• A big update on West Street construction from the LMCCC:

After several years spent coordinating heavy construction alongside the World Trade Center site, finally the New York State Department of Transportation (SDOT) is restoring that section of West Street. The agency shared West Street Promenade Phase 2 project updates at the February Community Board 1 Planning Committee meeting, with representatives noting that the overall completion of the Promenade, between Albany and Vesey Streets, is expected by spring 2016.

SDOT crews began building the permanent frontage of the WTC Memorial early this year, with steps being installed between the plaza and the future West Street eastern sidewalk. (A “frontage” is the buffer area between the roadway and a building line, including sidewalk, curb, trees, lighting, bollards, etc.)

That work, active from Liberty to Fulton, is expected to conclude around July 2014, a few months after the WTC Museum opens in mid-May. Meanwhile, the Port Authority has ramped up its own frontage work outside 1 WTC, continuing on the west side of the tower through late spring 2014.

Across West Street, SDOT will begin restoring the frontage of 1 World Financial Center, between Albany and Liberty in Battery Park City, through late spring. That streetscape then will lead into the next frontage-construction phase outside 2 and 3 WFC, between Liberty and Vesey Streets. The entire west-side frontage area is slated for completion in summer 2015—which also will bring the restoration of the bikeway and walkway.

The Liberty Street pedestrian bridge also will return to its permanent configuration across West Street by approximately early 2015, when the new Liberty Park opens just south of the WTC. That bridge-landing relocation will then allow SDOT crews to move the pilings now occupying areas of West Street, and complete final median reconstruction along the highway.

At the CB1 meeting, committee members advocated for installation of permanent left-turn lanes along West Street in both directions at both Liberty and Albany Streets, citing a substantial increase in traffic to both BPC and Greenwich South neighborhoods. SDOT representatives are collaborating with other agencies to determine the best options, and how to safely queue truck traffic from West Street into the future WTC Vehicular Security Center entrance on Liberty Street.

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