The Nicest Train Platform in Manhattan

new WTC PATH Platform A mapThanks to J. for alerting me to the opening of the new Platform A at the World Trade Center PATH station. Workers were handing out flyers that said this:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014, will mark a major milestone in the construction of the new World Trade Center PATH Station, with the opening of the fully modernized Platform A. Accessed from the left, after PATH riders pass through the WTC Station turnstiles, Platform A will serve the Hoboken to World Trade Center line. This platform features new lighting, speakers, illuminated signs, escalators, and elevators.

It’s far nicer than any platform in the New York City subway system—these photos don’t quite do it justice (I often get skittish shooting at the WTC, and the lighting confuses my camera). The first pic below is of the mezzanine level, which blends in with the Brookfield Place/PATH passageway that opened in October, and then we descend via escalator to the platform itself. Too bad the trains themselves didn’t get an upgrade….

According to the signage—but not visible when I was on the platform—there’s a mosaic called “Saetta Iridescente” (“Iridescent Thunderbolt”) by Giulio Candussio: “A positive energy is unleashed and bonds two people in a shared desire to overcome moments of horror, to move forward and build a peaceful future. A gift from the Autonomous Region of Fruili Venzia Giulia (Italy) to the City of New York as a mark of gratitude and solidarity.” Actually, it was installed back in 2004…. Shows how much I know about the PATH system. Also of note, according to the New York Post: “The [World Trade Center’s] original slurry wall continues to be used to keep water out of the tunnel and station.” It was behind the train when I dropped by, but you can see it in the last image, a photo of the flyer.

new WTC PATH Platform A mezzaninenew WTC PATH Platform A escalator to platformnew WTC PATH Platform Anew WTC PATH Platform A WTC signagenew WTC PATH Platform A brochure

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