Greenwich Grill Has Closed

I’m sorry to report that Greenwich Grill has closed. The owner, Plan Do See Corporation, is turning the space into a soba izakaya called Daruma-Ya. From the website:

Daruma-ya is a Soba House and Izakaya featuring homemade soba noodles prepared by Soba master Shuichi Kotani and a menu of modern Japanese specialties prepared by Chef Nobuhito Dosei. An Izakaya is a Japanese Tavern where people gather to drink and eat. Our menu is designed for sharing so everyone at the table is able to sample our offerings. A full bar offers cocktails, beer, wine, sake and a selection of Japanese whiskies.

The plan is to open April 7 for dinner and April 14 for lunch. Here are some photos from its Facebook page.

(I’m sure it’ll be great but I’ll miss Greenwich Grill’s Tokyo-Italian food!)

P.S. Thank to Stefanie for the tip! She has asked me to find out if the Greenwich Grill chef has landed somewhere else (in part because she loves the tiramisu); I’ll update it here when I hear back from Plan Do See.

UPDATE: Reader Michael Cohrs asks whether Sushi Azabu (downstairs) will keep being Sushi Azabu; the answer is yes—and it’s open during the transition upstairs.

UPDATE #2: This just came in from a rep for the restaurant.

Plan Do See is opening restaurants (yes, that’s plural) in Miami, Florida next year, so the Greenwich Grill chef will be moving there to help with the opening and serve some of the menu you saw at Greenwich Grill. The company does want to open Greenwich Grill again at a new location in New York city at the right place and right time.

Unfortunately for the guest who enjoyed our tiramisu, Daruma-Ya will be serving Japanese cuisine so we won’t have tiramisu on the menu… but we will have delicious Japanese desserts! Daruma-Ya will be serving small Japanese plates to be  shared and high quality handmade soba noodles by our soba master for lunch and dinner. Most of the service staff and management team will remain the same as Greenwich Grill.

The meaning of Daruma-Ya: “Daruma” is a traditional Japanese doll that brings good luck, “-ya” means business or store. It was named to bring good luck to everyone in TriBeCa.

Daruma-Ya sobaDaruma-Ya soba2Daruma-Ya sushiDaruma-Ya duckDaruma-Ya urchin

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