Seen & Heard: Aamanns-Copenhagen Has Changed Its Name

••• I was standing at the corner of W. Broadway and Chambers today when I realized that it was free of construction. Drink it in!

••• Thanks to the reader who sent in pix of the Hotel Hugo‘s entrance, along with news that the Italian restaurant there will be called Principe. (The Hugo is on Greenwich, just above Spring.) The hotel’s website says it’s taking reservations starting April 1, and a rendering there shows tables out on the Greenwich sidewalk.

••• The Fox TV show “Gotham”—an origin story about Commissioner Gordon from the Batman universe—is shooting in northeast Tribeca this Thursday and Friday.

••• Shooting in Tribeca (I saw a sign at Church and Leonard) on Thursday: “Untitled Jeff Lowell Pilot.” Says Deadline: “Written by Lowell, the romantic comedy exposes the unfiltered internal monologues of a young couple (McDorman, Analeigh Tipton) embarking on a new relationship.”

••• Press release: “Art in General is pleased to present Recuperative Tactics, a New Commission by Lisi Raskin, from April 19-May 31. A large-scale, site-specific environment, Recuperative Tactics is an immersive installation reconstructing Raskin’s 2013 experience of traveling in Afghanistan. By building on the physical remnants of previous works, leftover materials, and discarded objects, Recuperative Tactics suggests histories compounded into new form. Suturing found materials into an architectural palimpsest, Raskin transforms the gallery into the site of an attempted reconstruction of memory, riddled with the complicated cyphers of an outsider’s account of the vestiges of war. Employing abstraction and alteration to fashion an environment whose method of production is visible, Raskin’s methodology reveals itself as a means of communication.”

••• Aamanns-Copenhagen is now just The Copenhagen, implying a split from Danish celebrity chef Adam Aamann-Christensen, who had developed the initial menu.

The Copenhagen business card

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