Blow-Dry Bar Revealed

B DryThe blow-dry bar opening in the 88 Leonard storefront on Leonard has been revealed to be…. B Dry, a basement waterproofer blow-dry bar based in Miami Beach (pictured below). Unlike Drybar over on W. Broadway, where clients choose from a menu of styles, B Dry ismore about a customizing your look with what’s called “the French method”:

French method is about learning a structured technique, in order to unlock a stylist’s inner creativity. It allows us to create hairstyles which flow with effortless, natural movement. This method focuses on a women’s entire silhouette, taking into account every detail, such as cranial structure, facial proportions, personality and lifestyle. We take the time to really “look” at you and create a style that compliments your best features, so the less desirable ones fall into the background. You are truly getting a unique and customized style. Afterwards you will radiate an inner radiance that comes with the confidence of a great blowout.

The signage says “hair or makeup—all styles $40,” and there are lots of extras on the menu—including house calls. Also according to the signage, we can expect a spring opening.

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