Seen & Heard: Breakfast at Tiny’s

Seduction Saturday••• It’s Seduction Saturday at Studio Mega Club (that name!) at Tribeca Grand. Can an event be “very upscale” if the invite includes subway/PATH directions? Or “dancers”? Or “strong drinks”?

••• Now at Tribeca Greenmarket: Holy Schmitt’s Homemade Horseradish, selling it fresh and in jars. Looooove horseradish. Which reminds me: Has anyone tried the horseradish cream cheese at Zucker’s? (Update: I understand that Holy Schmitt’s will only be at the market for a month.)

••• The program that lets me make the Real Estate Sales Reports is busted, so those posts might not be happening anymore. Of note this week: The storefront at 142 Duane, on the market for a while, has been sold. The buyer is listed as “142 Duuane [sic] Owner LLC” with an address at 150 E. 58th St.—that’s the A&D Building, so my guess is we’ll be getting a home-decor store.

••• Tiny’s is open for breakfast starting this Monday; the menu is at right, and the pastries are from Bien Cuit and the “kale smoothie can stand up to our famous salad any day of the week.”

••• Update from BMCC: “As of [yesterday], March 28, the 6 trailers between Chambers and Harrison off the West Side Highway are being deconstructed and removed. The entire process will be be over by April 6.”

••• Press release: “Beginning Tuesday April 8 from 7pm–10pm (and every second Tuesday of the month) there will be a New York City-themed Trivia Night at the Dark Horse Tavern, 17 Murray.” The host is Hank Orenstein of Hank’s New York Tours.

••• No guesses for yesterday’s Where in Tribeca…? yet. I though this one would be easy….

••• Bob sent in this photo of 19 Park Place (“Tribeca Royale”), as seen from Murray: “Most interesting thing about this is that the small crescent shaped part (which is presumably one of the terraces, as you have identified) is set so far back from the sidewalk. This would seem to suggest tact there will be either a small entrance plaza there, perhaps for some form of retail. I’d guess that the crescent terrace is set a good 10-15 yards back from the sidewalk.” That really is far from the sidewalk—but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a rendering of the building from Murray…. Although even the Park Place side is inset a bit.

19 Park Place as seen from Murray


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