In the News: Awkward Quote at the 9/11 Museum

••• Controversial quote inscribed on a wall at the 9/11 Museum, “in 15-inch letters made from the steel of the twin towers: ‘No day shall erase you from the memory of time. Virgil.’ It sounds fitting—except in the context of Book 9 of the Aeneid, from which it is translated. There, a reader learns who ‘you’ are. […] You are Nisus and Euryalus. […] You are Trojan soldiers. You have not been thrown together by cruel chance. You are a loving pair. Your deaths are not unprovoked. You have just slaughtered the enemy in an orgy of violence, skewering soldiers whom you ambushed in their sleep. For this, the enemy has killed you and impaled your heads on spears.” —New York Times

••• Fragments of Saddam Hussein’s Judaica collection now at Battery Park City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage.” —Downtown Post

••• The New York Times on how Larry Silverstein keeps successfully shaking the public tree for money: “For a Ground Zero Developer Seeking Subsidies, More Is Never Enough.”

••• “On Tuesday morning, two Gateway tenants filed a $100-million class action lawsuit against the owners of Gateway Plaza, Battery Park City’s largest residential complex. The suit alleges that the landlord failed to prevent or remedy conditions that allowed sub-freezing temperatures to penetrate apartments during one of the coldest winters in recent memory.” —Broadsheet

••• Blouin Media, which is now based at 88 Laight, appears to be going under. —New York Post

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