Seen & Heard: Green Glass on City Hall Park?

••• Racines NY took down its plywood. I’m so ready.

••• Today’s email from the Tribeca Trust included two items of note. First, photographer Robert Ripps took an entertaining series of shots of sculptures in Tribeca, and they’re presented as a Where in Tribeca…?–ish game. Second, the Trust notes that Roe Corporation has a rendering on its website for a 21-story building at 265-267 Broadway (between Chambers and Warren, overlooking City Hall Park). I’ve known about this for a bit, but I’ve been hesitant to do a post on it, because when I called Roe—the rep said it’s the managing company” for the property—I was told that the rendering was a few years old, and no development is imminent. (So maybe there won’t be green glass? Pretty please?) It’ll undoubtedly come at some point, however, and while the current five-story building is no great shakes, the zoning on that block allows for something rather tall. Let’s hope the owner  and any potential partners see the long-term value of park-fronting real estate.

••• No Romance Galleries—adjacent to (and with the same owners as) Cafe Boca Ciega—opens Thursday with a group show, “We Do Our Part.”

••• From BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center: “Lost Jazz Shrines series is dedicated to restoring the memory of legendary New York City jazz venues to the consciousness of the world with a thorough remembrance and celebration, led by Artistic Director Willard Jenkins. This year, join us on Saturday, May 10 at 7:30pm as we celebrate the legacy of the legendary Minton’s Playhouse. Minton’s was significant as an after-hours haunt in Harlem where musicians would often come after their gigs elsewhere to jam with the house rhythm section. In that spirit, drummer Carl Allen will act as ‘straw-boss’ and lead an organized jam session. The concert will be preceded by a free screening of the film Thelonious Monk, American Composer, at 6p.m., followed by the concert at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25.”

••• Behold the Juice Press on Murray. Hard to believe that was the Portobello’s slice joint.

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