In the News: Four-Story Addition Planned for Duane Street Building

••• “The owner of a restored cast iron building at 172 Duane Street is trying to super-size the lovely little building once again—reviving a 2008 bid to add a four-story addition atop the diminutive 19th-century structure that was once approved, in modified form, by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.” That’s the building Damon Dash turned into a club/gallery/store for a while. (Right: A pic from a while back to show how four stories would impact the park.) —New York Observer

••• “Another of the gorgeous Battery Park City rental buildings is being offered for sale, and, with a condo conversion in mind, could fetch more than $300 million [—] the 396-luxury rental Tribeca Park at 400 Chambers St. and River Terrace. […] As an 80/20 building, only 80 percent may be converted to condominiums, with the rest remaining affordable rentals.” —New York Post

••• Some of the work from a new book of courtroom drawings will be “on display at the World Trade Art Gallery in Manhattan from April 22 to April 29.” —New York Times

••• “The owners of 70 Pine St. […] have signed a contract with Furnished Quarters to manage 132 extended-stay hotel units in the 66-story landmark. The hotel will be on floors 3-6 of 70 Pine, which will consist mostly of 664 luxury rental apartments.” —New York Post

••• Former Tribecan Lena Dunham visited new Tribecan Taylor Swift at her place on Franklin. —New York mag, which has lowered the “is this news?” bar down to practically zero.

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