Seen & Heard: Impossibly Cute Ad

••• ManuelRacim has made an adorable video for Father’s Day, starring the father-and-son team of Tribecans Adam and Jake Stone.

••• An update on 67 Vestry: “Workers under the direction of the landlord removed the 117-year-old awning frame without a permit. Even after numerous complaints to DOB, nothing happened. When they finally showed up they had already removed the whole thing. A violation was issued a couple of days later.”

••• After taking a break after its soft opening, B Dry Blow Bar will have its grand opening on Saturday (June 7).

••• This Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Pompanoosuc Mills and Tribeca Community School are hosting a crafting event for kids with “painting, collaging and drawing while we learn about the importance of recycling through repurposing.”

••• Coming up at Mmuseumm: “Originally conceived as an imaginary band, Eternal Lips is the outsider pop project of Brooklyn musician and artist Grey Gersten. Schedule your private appointment for Custom Melodies by purchasing your ticket for $20 in advance online. Arrive promptly to register with the receptionist in Cortlandt Alley and fill out a two-page form of multiple choice and short answer questions to design the song you want to be created—your Custom Melody. When your number is called, you will be taken into Mmuseumm to meet with Eternal Lips where within the 20-minute appointment, your custom song will be written, performed and recorded for you. Appoints are from Saturday, June 20 – Sunday June 29 between 7pm and 10pm.”

••• This Craigslist ad made me laugh out loud.

Craigslist flipflop ad

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