Seen & Heard: Café Noir Opens on Wednesday

S-Cruise by Smartboat••• Now at Pier 25: S-Cruise by Smartboat, a fantastic way to get out on the water. The max number is passengers is four.

••• Café Noir is opening Wednesday, June 25 (in the old 35 Thai space on Lispenard). The roof is not opening yet.

••• Matt Bernson’s sample sale is June 26-29. It opens at 11 a.m.; closing time is either 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. It’s at 427 W. 14th St. Credit cards accepted.

••• That post about Crunch taking over Eastern Athletic has good info in the comments about what Eastern Athletic members who paid for June and beyond can do about it.

••• Unfortunately, New Amsterdam Market has to reschedule its June 26 fundraiser and night market. From Robert LaValva: “After a series of conversations with the Department of Health, we came to realize that we would not have the time or the resources to bring this event into compliance with their recently revised regulations pertaining to the service and consumption of raw, cured, smoked, or pickled fish.  Since a number of our participants were planning to serve dishes using raw fish, we could not risk having these businesses incur any fines or violations, or having a public event shut down in whole or in part. We are working collaboratively with the Department of Health to ensure that any events we plan are fully adherent to their rules and aim to reschedule this event for a future date.”

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