Seen & Heard: Dirty Bird Pop-Up

Tribeca shirt by Gap••• Gap can get $30 for a T-shirt? (Remember, the company has offices at 55 Thomas.) Somebody needs to raise his prices….

••• Eat Real NYC is Oct. 24 at Foley Square, and it’s looking for chefs and restaurants to participate. More info on the Facebook page. It’s “a fundraiser for for Seeds in the Middle, a 501c3 charity that empowers students, schools and their communities to create their own healthy environments joyfully!”

••• “I’ve been Arne Svensoned!” emailed Andrea the other day. “While waiting for a friend on the street today, I backed into the scant shade and leaned against the frosted window of a building on Warren. After a few minutes I walked to the corner and paused, where a man approached me. He told me that he had taken photos from inside and showed them to me. He was pretty enthusiastic about the great photos! Obviously, I was unidentifiable and they were pretty cool. I thought later I should have asked him to send them to me, but then he would have my e-mail address…” Are you the photographer? Know who it is? Please have them get in touch at—Andrea and I would both like to see the photo….

••• Dirty Bird To-Go, the fried chicken restaurant on Chambers, is hosting pop-up dinners? See below, from @hauterthanhades on Instagram. The menu: “Fluke, Lime and Pear Rouget, Uni and Mascarpone Octopus, Black Rice and Orange Cucumber, Squash and Greens Duck, Sour Cherries and Spring Onions Strawberries, Yogurt and Crumble.”


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