In the News: Fake Suicide Planned for Teardrop Park

slide 8410••• “Residents of Manhattan’s Battery Park should not be alarmed by an apparent suicide at kids’ favorite Teardrop Park Tuesday [morning]—it’s just an episode of CBS’s cop drama ‘Blue Bloods.’ […] Residents were kindly warned by the Battery Park City Authority via e-mail, ‘To prevent any cause for alarm, we wanted to inform you, in advance, that the scene involves a simulated suicide. This scene . . . will have both a harnessed actress as well as a dummy.'” Send a pic if you see it the jump in action. —New York Post

••• “City Comptroller Scott Stringer says the extra money the Battery Park City Authority brings in every year should go directly to the New York City Housing Authority [to] be focused on NYCHA facilities that are badly in need of repair.” —NY1

••• Izakaya-centric website Kampai reviews Shigure.

••• There was a climate change protest today: “Hundreds of protesters blocked Broadway between Bowling Green and Morris Street, sitting down, unfurling a jumbo-size banner denouncing capitalism and clapping to a jazz band.” —New York Times

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