Seen & Heard: Staple Street Has Reopened

••• Staple Street has reopened! (Photo by @ARCAthletics.)

Staple Street by ARC Athletics••• In case you missed it yesterday, after I asked about what was going into the Baker Tribeca space at Hudson and Beach, Matt commented that it’ll be a Bright Horizons preschool.

••• Press release: “BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center proudly presents New York native Peter Cincotti performing on Saturday, October 25 at 8 p.m. Cincotti will perform brand new songs from his highly anticipated new album Long Way From Home, as well as worldwide hits such as “Goodbye Philadelphia,” plus a heartfelt tribute song that Katie Couric calls a “love letter to New York,’ ‘Heart of the City.'”

••• Church Street residents, in particular, might recall that the space that’s about to be home to Baked was, for a while, set to be an Italian wine restaurant called Mulino a Vino—before it got exasperated and decided to open elsewhere. Well, I went to the new space last night, and it was superb food. Really good—interesting and ambitious without losing sight of the satisfyingness that makes Italian food so irresistible. (That said, my next visit will likely not be on a Thursday or weekend—the Meatpacking District is still a disaster.) The cacio e pepe bombolone will get all the press, but the dishes that my friend and I couldn’t get enough of were the roast chicken ravioli and the tagliatelle alla bolognese. And the shrimp risotto. And the salad….

Mulino a Vino menu••• Greenmarket report: “Wednesdays: We have a few more varieties of pears and apples. There is also arugula, sweet potatoes, Japanese turnips and winter squash. Corn and heirloom tomatoes are still available but not for much longer. Saturdays: There are lots of varieties of apples, pears, grapes and winter squash available. There are also gourds, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and yams. Grass-fed lamb has returned to the market with a wider variety of different cuts. This will be the last weekend to get strawberries and blueberries!”

••• If Lynda Barry decorated pumpkins….

Lynda Barry pumpkin

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