Seen & Heard: 19 Park Place Is Nearly Topped Out

••• Thanks to Vicki Winters for the photo of 19 Park Place, now at 19 stories (from what I can tell)—it’ll be 21 when done.

••• The renovated 173 W. Broadway (at Worth) has nearly completely been revealed. We’re still waiting to see the storefront (and what’ll be in it).

••• NYC Yogurt has “closed for remodeling” (15 months after opening?).

NYC Yogurt••• Racines NY started posting a menu!

••• In less exciting Chambers Street news, the nail salon coming to 92 Chambers has put up some truly ugly mirrored window frames.

92 chambers••• And Barleycorn is going for something high-contrast for its Murray Street façade.

Barleycorn Murray

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