Introducing the Fashion Bar Social Club

You have may noticed that the storefront at 246 W. Broadway—where Nirvana International recently was—has signage up that says “Fashion Bar Social Club.” You may have also wondered what that means.

I traced it to a company called Fashion One (more on that in a minute), to which I reached for more information. A gentleman named [redacted at his request] sent a rundown—of special note is that the Fashion Bar takes up all four stories:

Venue Overview
Fashion Bar is a multi-dimensional space located at 246 West Broadway in New York City offering a uniquely curated environment where Fashion Industry professionals can collectively engage to enhance both their professional and personal lives. Located in a four level boutique style building in Tribeca, the private social club and rental space features a relaxed lounge, casual work environment, conference room, screening room and rooftop terrace.

Program Partners
Fashion Bar has partnered with Fashion One as its official Media Partner to bring its membership fashion and entertainment programming that focuses on beauty, glamour, style and luxury. Broadcasting in high-definition 24/7, Fashion One is a global television network reaching over 100 million viewers in over 100 countries. Fashion Bar collaborates with various program partners such as Fashion One, to connect its members with an exclusively curated selection of complimentary services, products and experiences created with our members’ discerning tastes in mind.

Event Activities
••• Creative Roundtables take place every Monday for Fashion Industry Business Executives, Designers, Marketers, Photographers, Stylists and Models to discuss projects with one another.

••• Open Calls for Models take place every Wednesday for opportunities to participate in Original Programs, Segment Hosting, Runway Shows, Special Events, Print and Online Campaigns.

••• Offsite Member Gatherings take place various times throughout the course of any given month based on Fashion Bar’s principles of shared interests and experiences.

He also sent a photo of the windows unpapered. As for when it might open, I’ll update this when I hear back. UPDATE: The timing and scale of the launch remain undetermined.

courtesy Fashion Bar Social Club

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