In the News: Lower Manhattan to Flood Frequently by 2021

••• New York magazine architecture critic Justin Davidson opposes the Howard Hughes Corporation’s proposed tower at the Seaport: “The plan would save the neighborhood in order to destroy it, a Faustian bargain that the city must reject. […] A tower—any tower—standing alone on the outboard side of the roadway would set a new precedent, claiming the waterfront for residences and stashing public space behind. It would also wrap the curtain of high-rises around the neighborhood’s fourth wall, erecting a new barrier between the seaport and the world beyond. This battle doesn’t just pit preservation against development; it forces us to choose between preservation by neglect and a more active restoration.”

••• The oldest liquor licenses in each neighborhood (which is not the same thing as the oldest bar). —I Quant NY

••• “15 Photos of the Twin Towers in the 1970s.” —Curbed

••• There’s an extra-frothy rant—pro-World Trade Center, anti-“elites”—by Steve Cuozzo in the New York Post.

••• The Libra Leather pop-up at 72 Franklin Street that closed at the end of December “will be permanently installed in the company showroom, 239 West 30th Street (Eighth Avenue)” as of Jan. 5. —New York Times

••• Ronnie Fieg, who lives in FiDi and “has spent seven years creating limited-edition kicks for various brands, along the way developing his own clothing line, Kith, and two Kith boutiques,” including a new one in Soho, tells the New York Times about his Sunday routine.

••• “By 2021, lower Manhattan will start to be frequently flooded thanks to rising sea levels, according to a new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.” — (via Downtown Post NYC)

••• The Old New York Page on Facebook posted an 1898 photo of Hudson Street.

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