Robot Building for Kids!

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is New York City’s best robot-building utopia for kids! We are so excited to bring our many classes and workshops to our NEW Tribeca location at 72 Warren Street!

All throughout this summer we are offering week-long summer sessions for kids entering K-7th grades where they will learn to think creatively while building circuits, making moving creations, and coding their ideas into reality! For more information on Summer Sessions head to our Manhattan Summer Sessions page. Programs run through September 4th.

Every weekday during the summer we also offer drop-off, drop-in Open Play sessions! These sessions run from 3:30 to 6:30 pm and are a fun, great way to get a taste of what we do here at the Foundry. Kids get to use our engineering toys or have an option to build one of three awesome projects!

We are so excited to be offering our first ever Hamptons Pop-Up Session in East Hampton, NY. For two weeks, Aug. 3rd – 14th, we are offering flexible sign-up workshops in partnership with the East Hampton School District. Full or half day signups are available, as well as early and late pickups. For more information about the pop-up session check our Hamptons Pop-up page.

We also have a great selection of birthday party options throughout the year! With multiple party options we’re sure your child will have an awesome time with his or her friends without you breaking a sweat.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is a great location for kids to come learn about the exciting world of electronics, engineering, and mechanics through project-based, hands-on building! Throughout the school year we offer fun after school programs and weekend classes!

Visit us at 72 Warren Street in Tribeca or at We would also love to answer any questions about the programs we offer! Feel free to reach out to us directly by calling (347) 762-6840 or by emailing us at

Hope to see you soon!

Sponsored by Brooklyn Robot Foundry.


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