With Zipdrug, Tribecans Will Never Visit the Pharmacy Again

Mobile on demand services have made our lives much easier. With a push of a button we can order a taxi, a bento box, a massage, and even dry cleaning. These services, while different, all save us precious time. Time, of course, is the biggest commodity for busy New Yorkers.

Going to the pharmacy is a daily occurrence for many people. Standing in line for your medicine is an unfortunate part of this experience. In fact, the average person waits nearly an hour a month at the pharmacy. Not anymore.

Introducing Zipdrug, the world’s first mobile on demand prescription delivery service. Now you can skip the pharmacy line and get prescriptions delivered right to your front door.

Using Zipdrug is easy. Simply download the app, create a profile, and enter your local pharmacy, insurance and payment information. Zipdrug then dispatches a background-checked, HIPAA-compliant messenger to pick up the medicine from your pharmacy. All pharmacy payments are handled by Zipdrug. Your card will be charged the cost of the medications after insurance deductions, plus a $10 delivery fee. Zipdrug works when your doctor has sent in a prescription electronically, or when your refill is ready for pick-up at your regular pharmacy.

Zipdrug is a great service for families and caretakers because users can add multiple profiles. The last thing a mom or dad wants to do is to go to the pharmacy with a sick child in tow. With Zipdrug, you can order your children’s medicine right from the doctor’s office and go straight home.

To place your first delivery, download the iPhone App, visit our website or call (844) 947-3784. Zipdrug is currently delivering in Manhattan seven days a week. If you have any questions you can email us at contact@zipdrug.com.

Sponsored by Zipdrug.


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