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Encompassing the necessary academics from preschool through middle school, the Eye Level program supports students where they are and builds confidence and competence in math and literacy. Using a combination of hands-on manipulatives and research-based strategies, our experienced teachers guide the students through their workbooks; laying the foundation for academic advancement, positive study habits, and independence.

Need extra help or want
an extra challenge with academics?

Eye Level Math is comprised of both basic and critical thinking activities. Basic Thinking promotes the mastery of fundamental math topics, ranging from number recognition to arithmetic to algebra; Critical Thinking hones the development of those skills related to depth perception, pattern detection, reasoning, problem solving, and more.

Crucial tenets of literacy are targeted in Eye Level Reading program. Emergent literacy learners work on letter recognition, decoding, and grammar skills; more advanced students hone in on informational texts, reading comprehension, passage composition, and so on.

Certified Teachers.

The Handwriting Without Tears program, “HWT,” is comprised of activities that are both entertaining and educational, geared towards facilitating students’ legible penmanship.

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