Howard the Pug: 2006-2017

Adam and I had to say goodbye to our beloved pug, Howard, over the weekend.

In the early years of this website, Howard was a prominent presence. (Often, readers recognized me because I was walking him.) Even if he hasn’t shown up here much lately, he was still with me all of the time, sitting in my lap as I typed, his chin resting in the crook of my left arm.

The main reason I’m posting this, however, is because Adam and I would like to thank everyone at Reade Street Animal Hospital for taking such excellent care of Howard. Time and again, Dr. Mary Xanthos went far beyond what any pet owner might have reasonably expected, and we now think of her as a friend. Also, we’re grateful to¬†therapist John Larson for his help at Water 4 Dogs. Howard’s decline was obvious on his last visit, and I’ll never forget John saying a quick blessing for him before the treatment started.


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