A Wooly Empire

The Woolworth Tower Kitchen restaurant on the south side of the Woolworth Building always seemed like it was from another era, and not necessarily in a good way. Now it’s catching up to the rest of the neighborhood, with a new name (The Wooly Public), new menu, and new attitude. The idea is that it’s an offshoot of the cool private-event space (The Wooly) and cute little café (The Wooly Daily), and not the other way around. From the website’s “about” page:

Our bar program is headed by acclaimed bartender Eryn Reece (formerly of Death & Co. and Mayahuel). Reece has created a two-part menu featuring Old Souls (lesser known classic cocktails) and New Editions (contemporary concoctions). Complementing the drinks is a menu by Jeff Srole (who most recently served as Sous Chef at Maison Premiere in Williamsburg). Our menu offers indulgent old school eats with a twist, alongside forward thinking fare reflective of the fast-changing neighborhood. [The Wooly Public is] initially open weekdays for lunch and dinner and for dinner on Saturdays.

Bear in mind that the Woolworth Tower Kitchen’s website is still up, and OpenTable is taking reservations for the restaurant. So this might be a case of having it both ways.

Here are the Wooly Public’s lunch and dinner menus, along with some of the restaurant’s photos.


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