Seen & Heard: Hookers, Vixens, and Peglegs

••• I came across a lone notice from the Five Boro Bike Tour about its plans for the morning of Sunday, May 7. (Did buildings and businesses on Church and the side streets receive this directly?) It says that the “start formation will begin at 4:30 a.m. and clear by 10:30 a.m.,” with starting ceremonies occurring at Church and Franklin between 7:15 a.m. and 10 a.m. The sign warns that streets adjacent to the starting area “may be closed,” which is lame because they most certainly will be closed, and the least the organizers could do is be clear about exact which ones. (Moreover, “crossings of the Tour route will be limited and subject to delays.”) Also, the notice suggests we come outside and cheer.

••• From Torly Kid: “April is book-swap month! Bring us your ‘gently used’ picture or chapter books and trade them for other books we have collected. All remaining books at the end of the month will be donated to a charity or local school.”

••• The updated Community Board 1 agendas include a new beer-and-wine license for August Gatherings at 266 Canal.

••• I saw a Stuyvesant High School student wearing a “Stuyvesant Peglegs” sweatshirt yesterday. I hadn’t realized that was the school’s mascot (after Peter Stuyvesant). Turns out, the situation is more complicated than that. From Wikipedia:

Unlike most American high schools, most sports teams at Stuyvesant are individually known by different names. Only the football, cheerleading, badminton, girls ping pong, baseball, girls handball, girls bowling, and boys’ lacrosse teams retain the traditional Pegleg moniker; other teams have their own unique names, such as the Runnin’ Rebels (boys’ basketball), Vixens (girls’ volleyball), Lemurs (boys’ gymnastics), Phoenix (girls’ basketball), Renegades (girls’ softball), Felines (girls’ gymnastics), Birdies (girls’ golf), Eagles (boys’ golf), Hookers (boys’ bowling), Huskies (girls’ lacrosse), Penguins (girls’ swimming), Pirates (boys’ swimming), Centaurs (boys’ soccer), Mimbas (girls’ soccer), Dragons (boys’ handball), Smokin’ Aces (boys’ tennis), Sticky Fingers (boys’ and girls’ Ultimate), Lobsters (girls’ tennis), Vipers (girls’ fencing), Flying Dutchmen (hockey), Greyducks (track), Tigers (cricket) and Spartans (wrestling and roller hockey).

••• The 25-story building under construction at 1 Beekman (at Park Row) is above ground, although it’s hard to tell from this photo. (Damn sun.) Renderings here.

••• Billy Bragg is playing City Winery on October 16. Tickets aren’t available to the general public yet. Below: The great “A Lover Sings.”


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