In the News: Opening Set for Cortlandt Street Subway Station

••• The New York Daily News says that the Cortlandt Street 1 train station will open in October. (But how on earth can it be considered “the last piece of the WTC site”? Take a look around.)

••• “A map compiled by the Municipal Arts Society shows more than 100 sites in Lower Manhattan where owners or developers have sought permissions to alter legally protected landmarks.” I wonder how many of those permissions involve compliance with the American Disabilities Act, brought about by threats from shady lawyers. —Broadsheet

••• The New York Post has a long look at the St. Nicholas National Shrine, now stalled:

“What was to be the proud symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, and the only house of worship tending to the masses at Ground Zero, is now mired in controversy and second-guessing:

• The US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan is reportedly probing the project’s finances and those of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The state attorney general is also investigating, according to The National Herald, a newspaper covering the Greek community.

• The cash-starved archdiocese is ready to put its Upper East Side headquarters in hock and is reportedly seeking a loan from Alma Bank of $7.5 million to $10 million to pay its debts.

• The Port Authority, on whose land the church sits for the nominal rent of $1 a year, is virtually powerless to restart the stalled project. Even though the shrine was supposed to be built within a few years of the land deal struck in 2011, the agency signed an agreement giving the archdiocese 20 years to complete it.

• The cost of the project once pegged at $30 million could now reach upward of $80 million. Some blame the pricey design changes on famed architect Salvatore Calatrava, others on the church leaders.

• Gov. Cuomo, who announced with great fanfare in 2011 that an agreement had finally been reached to move forward with the project, has been silent since construction hit the skids last year. Most city and downtown leaders have paid only lip service to the growing debacle.”

••• There’s drama over the estate of Edward Bazinet, who owned the penthouse at 60 Warren. —New York Post


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