In the News: Canal Street Activation

••• New York magazine says street-level retail isn’t dead “(at least not for now),” citing Roman and Williams Guild as an example, although the store has always struck me as a (gorgeous) loss leader for the company’s interior-design business. Also in the package: “Where might a storekeep hang her shingle?” The answers include Canal Street and the Seaport District. Hmm…. Anyone seriously considering the former should definitely first investigate the foot traffic at the shopping half of Canal Street Market (which New York mag claims has “transformed New York’s last bastion of tourist crap and knockoff bags into a destination for ramen lovers and ceramic snobs”); moreover, the other examples proffered—Roman and Williams Guild and sneaker resale shop Stadium Goods—are really more aligned toward Howard Street than Canal. Anyway, the news buried in the article is that this summer, 22 vacant storefronts on Canal will be turned into “mixed-media art galleries and experimental retail pop-up shops.”

••• Loft-peep the “hoverboard-friendly” Tribeca home of Sudie Anning and Kevin Raidy. —Traditional Home

••• From a profile of the Stadium Goods: “In January 2017, it secured $4.6 million in new equity funding by Forerunner Ventures (backers of, among others, Warby Parker and Bonobos) and the Chernin Group. Earlier this year, the European luxury group LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy), bought a minority stake for an undisclosed amount.” —New York Times

••• “An attorney who travels constantly between New York and Denver […] wanted a home that didn’t feel like a soulless crash pad after arriving on the red eye. He is also an avid art collector who wanted his favorite works on rotation—several of them. ‘Whitney Bedford, Janice Guy, Alex Prager, Basquiat by Maripol… we ran out of walls,’ says Jennie Bishop [of design firm Studio Gild].” Take a look around. —Robb Report

••• A Citigroup employee saved a kid from running into Greenwich Street. —New York Daily News

••• “Downtown Residents Under-Represented in Number of September 11 Compensation Claims.” —Broadsheet

••• The views from a penthouse at 56 Leonard. —YIMBY


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