Seen & Heard: Another Bakery at the World Trade Center Mall

••• The reader known as Hudson River noticed that a bakery called Just Baked! Nowakowski is opening in the World Trade Center mall, right next to the Starbucks that’s on the mezzanine near Vesey. The signage says that it was established in 1925, so it appears to be related to Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski in Warsaw. Maybe it’ll open before Breads Bakery does up on Cortlandt Way, the pedestrian passageway between 3 and 4 World Trade Center.

••• “There’s a new restaurant opening in the 70 Pine ground floor called Blue Park Kitchen,” reports P. The website doesn’t have much specific to say, but it seems to be akin to Dig Inn. The proprietor is Kelly Fitzpatrick, who had been a district manager for Melt Shop.

••• Do people not understand that you have to water plants?

••• Not to pile on with one building, but 270 Chambers has had pylons on its sidewalk for many moths now—to alert passersby to the damaged sidewalks. Just fix the sidewalk, already!

••• The first photo is of Burger N Grill (in Pakistan Tea House’s old spot); the second is the new Papa Kitchen two doors down. Can we infer that they share an operator?

••• Also, Burger N Grill appears to be passing itself off as PTH.


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